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91)Program from the same developer bundlled together, that provide better integration, share common features and menues are called
Integrated software package Suite
Software processing pacake All of these
Answer :

92)A Data werehouse is which of the following
contains numerous naming conventions and forms can be updated by end users
contains only current data Organized around important subject areas
Answer :

93)Which server stores and manages files for users?
main file
web none of these
Answer :

94)Which one of the following is not real security and privacy risk?
Hackers viruses
spams password crackers
Answer :

95)Which one of the following is often connected to complex inventory and sales computer system?
Query Data
Sales Point - Of - Sale (POS)
Answer :

96)System software is the set of proograms that eables the computer hardware and ____________ software to work together.
Utility Application
processing management
Answer :

97)Which one of the following is not mobile computing device
cell pphone notebook computer
Personal digital assistant Digital scanner
Answer :

98)In ring topology the computer in possession of ____________ can transmit data
token data
packet none of these
Answer :

99)The part of the operating system that manages essential peripherials (keyboard, disk drive, monitor)
Primary input output system Basic input output system
secondary input output system main input output system
Answer :

100)Which of the following controls the way the computer functions and provide a means by which user can interact with the computer?
Application software Operating system
Motherboard Plateform
Answer :

101)Servers are computer that provides resources to
Client computer Super Computer
Main computer None of these
Answer :

102)Which one of the following is purppose of data mining?
To explain some observed event or condition To analyse data for a expected relationship
To asure that data exists To create new data werehouse
Answer :

103)What for URL stand?
Uniform Resource Locator Uniform Radio Locator
Uniform Research Locator Uniform Revise Locator
Answer :

104)A database management system is
A software A hardware
A firmware None of these
Answer :

105)Which one is a database management system
Access Excel
Photoshop Powerpoint
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