Computer Sc

61)Which one of the following not is permanent memory
RAM Hard Disk
CD Pendrive
Answer :

62)Memory that requires refreshing of data is
DRAM Bubble Memory
Answer :

63)Cache Memory places between
processor and main memory main memory hard disk
either (a) or (b) none of these
Answer :

64)Cache Memory in implemented using
Dynamic RAM Static RAM
Answer :

65)Data mining is used for
collecting the information decision making by management
Retrieving the information Deleting the information
Answer :

66)Which one of the following Gates is called Universal gate?
OR gate AND gate
NOT gate NAND gate
Answer :

67)CUI stands for
Comment User Interface Character User Interface
Common User Interface none of these
Answer :

68)Windows is
Voice User Interface none of these
Answer :

69)Goal of computer networs is/are
   I. Resource Sharing
   II. Communication Medium
   III. Reliability
   IV. Cost factor.
I only I and II only
II and IV only All of them
Answer :

70)The server is a computer in a network that facilitates
   I. data sharing
   II. software sharing
   III. hardware sharing
   over the network
I only I and II
II and III All of them
Answer :

71)In respect to computer network Protocol is
a piece of software a piece of hardware
a set of rule a technology
Answer :

72)TCP/IP stands for
Technology Controlled Program and Internal Programming Transmission Control Protocol and Internet protocol
Transmission Controlled Program and Internet Program Traffic Controlled Protocol and Internet Protocol
Answer :

73)Network topology is
Physical layout of the computers Conceptual layout of the computers
Both (a) and (b> None of them
Answer :

74)Which one of the following is not a network topology
Bus Mesh
LAN Ring
Answer :

75)Which one of the following is not a network type
Answer :

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