Computer Sc

46)Who is called father of computer?
Sir Isaac Newton Von Neumann
Charles Babbage John Napier
Answer :

47)Operating System is an interface between
user and program user and hardware
both of the above none of these
Answer :

48)Which one of the following is an operating system?
Msoffice Coral Draw
Linux Java
Answer :

49)Which one of the following is Primary memory?
RAM Pen Drive
DVD Floppy
Answer :

50)Which one of the following is an input device?
Printer Scanner
Monitor Plotter
Answer :

51)Which one of the following is a spreadsheet?
Msword Photoshop
Java Msexcel
Answer :

52)Full form of RAM is
Read Access Memory Read All Memory
Random Access Memory Randomized Access memory
Answer :

53)BIOS is
programmed by user programmed by manufacturer
not programmed at all none of these
Answer :

54)Computer is an
electrical machine electromagnetic machine
mechanical machine electronic machine
Answer :

55)Base of binary number system is
0 1
2 4
Answer :

56)Base of octal number system is
2 4
6 8
Answer :

57)Base of hexadecimal number system is
10 12
14 16
Answer :

58)Binary equivalent of 6(decimal system) is
110 101
100 011
Answer :

59)Hexadecimal of 10 (decimal system) is
1010 C
Answer :

60)Which one of the following is volatile memory?
ROM Pen drive
RAM none of these
Answer :

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