Computer Sc

31)A modem converts to
digital signal to analog signal analog to digital
both (a) and (b) none of (a) and (b)
Answer :

32)What is backup
Adding more components to your system replacing old data by new one
deleting data from original location keeping a copy of data from original location to another location
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33)A network layout where all the computers are connected in a cable is called _________ topology
star ring
bus graph
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34)When two or more computers are connected and can share data, a _________ is formed
network router
server pipeline
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35)The term used for unsolicited mail is
Virus spam
worm trojan horse
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36)The program that controls all the parts of a computer is
database program utility program
operating system application software
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37)An excel cell is referred to by
cell's column name and workbook name cell's row number and workbook name
cell's column name only cell's column name and row number
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38)Human readable version of a computer program is called-
byte code source code
machine code None of these
Answer :

39)The term used for how will a word appear in a document is
text formating character formating
type formating None of these
Answer :

40)What for http stands
hyper text text publishing hyper text table ploting
hypertext transfer protocol None of these
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41)The process of a computer receiving information from a server is called -
loading downloading
transferring All of these
Answer :

42)All the deleted files go to-
Tool bar Task bar
Menu bar Re-cycle bin
Answer :

43)A hyperlink take us to
New website New page of same website
Different location in the same webpage All of these
Answer :

44)________ are special computer chips that reside inside other devices such as our car
servers micro computers
embaded computers none of these
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45)The correct order of common data elements from smallest to largest
file, character, field, record, database database, file, record, field, character
record, charcter, file, database, fiels charcter, field, record, file, database
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