Computer Sc

16)E-Commerce allows companies to
issue important business reporting supports decision making process
conduct business over internet keep records paper based transactions
Answer :

17)The primary purpose of a software is to convert
data into information information into data
data into website None of the above
Answer :

18)A compiler translate a high level program into
an algorithm java
machine level program assembly level program
Answer :

19)What is correcting a program called in programming
Translating Loading
Interpreting Debugging
Answer :

20)The ________ of a system includes the program or instructions
software hardware
icon information
Answer :

21)Backup of data files helps to prevent
loss of confidentiality loss of data
visrus infection duplication of data
Answer :

22)Text in cell in excel is aligned
left right
justified None of the above
Answer :

23)The background of any word document -
Always white can have any colour we choose
is the colour we under option menu None of these
Answer :

24)In order to have a duplicate copy of a file we do-
Save Save as
Edit None of these
Answer :

25)Which software do you use to do statistical calculation
Word Processing Web browser
Spreadsheet None of these
Answer :

26)To highlight/ select a word in a document in MSword we
Click Double click
Roll scoller All of these
Answer :

27)A ______ consists specific rules and words that express the logical steps of an algorithm
syntax programming language
flow chart All of these
Answer :

28)The default file extension of a Notepad file is
.doc .xls
.pdf .txt
Answer :

29)PDF stands for
Presentation document format portable document format
public document format powerfull document format
Answer :

30)Which one of the following is a webpage file extension
.jpg .html
.dat .txt
Answer :

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