Computer Science

256)A name or number used to identify a storage location is
A byte A program
A record An address
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257)Virtual memory size depends on -
Address bus Data bus
Both Address and Data bus None of these
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258)Which of the following is a windows utility used for eliminating unnecessary fragments and rearranges files and unused disk space to optimize operation?
Disk defragmentor Backup
Disk cleanup Restore
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259)Software used for developing programs like applets is
Cobol Java
Fortran All of these
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260)Which of the following is not an application layer protocol used in the internet?
Internet relay chat Remote procedure call
Resource reservation protocol None of these
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261)The protocol that assigns dynamic IP address is
PPP None of these
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262)Who is the inventor of World Wide Wave (WWW) ?
Steve Jobs Vinod Dham
Edward Kasner Tim Berners Lee
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263)Who is known as Pentium Engineer?
Vinod Dham Bill Gates
Steve Jobs No such person
Answer :

264)In the layer hierarchy as the data packet moves from upper to lower layers, headers are-
Removed Rearranged
Added Modified
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265)Communication between CPU and keyboard is
Half duplex Full duples
Simples None of these
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266)The first Computer Network was
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267)Which of the following is the physical path over which data travels?
Protocol Modem
Router Medium
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268)Act by individual to obtain confidential information from someone by falsifying identity is
Phishing Virus
Spyware Worms
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269)IPSec provides security at
Physical Layer Data link Layer
Network Layer Application Layer
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270)Param Padma is
An Indian Super Computer A new award instituted by Indian Government
The name of river network that links North Indian rivers with the South Indian rivers A software program used in Assam for e-government
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