Computer Science

166)Lowest cost per bit
Processor register ---- row of ECL flip-flops Cache ---bipolar RAM
Swapping device Magnetic tape
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167)A memory map is useful in the
optimum utilization of memory diagnosis of faults in the compiled program
locating unused memory element none of these
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168)The storage that closely associated with the CPU of a computer is known as
virtual memory auxiliary memory
RAM none of these
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169)Semiconductor memory internally consists of
electron and holes p and n elements
array of flip-flops none of these
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170)Bipolar IC memories are fabricated using
high density version of MOSFET low density version of MOSFET
low density version of unipolar transistor flip-flop high density version of bipolar transistor flip-flop
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171)The principle of lacality of reference justifies the use of
DMA polling
interrupts cache memory
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172)Access in magnetic drum memory is
sequential and cyclic a cyclic sequential
partially cyclic and partially random completely random
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173)The refreshing rate of dynamic RAM is in the range of
2 milli second 2 micro second
10 milli second 10 micro second
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174)The term 'Inter record gap' is associated with
magnetic disc punched card
magnetic tape paper tape
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175)A 1024x4 ROM will require a minimum of ________ bits input address to specify a 1024 words of 4 bits each
4 8
10 16
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176)To select between two memories of 16 words each, it will require a
1 to 2 decoder 2 to 4 decoder
4 to 12 decoder 4 to 16 decoder
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177)The minimum number of MOS transistors used to make a dynamic RAM cell is equal to
1 2
3 4
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178)A EPROM is a device which can be
Electrically programmed and electrically erased Electrically programmed and reased by ultraviolet light
Not programmable at all Pre-programmed by manufacturer only
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179)For fast transfer of data from a disc to memory which of the following will give the faster speed ?
Memory mapped IO Addressing via accumulator
DMA none of these
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180)In 4096x8 EPROM how many address lines require
8 10
12 16
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