Computer Science

151)The highest address in the 48K memory is hexadecimal form is
Answer :

152)The highest address in a 48 K memory in decimal form is
48000 52000
50016 49151
Answer :

153)RAM memories may be
static dynamic
both none of them
Answer :

154)A ROM is the simplest kind of memory. It is equivalant to
a group of registers, each temporarily stores a word a group of registers, each permanently stores a word
a group of words none of them
Answer :

155)The desirable characteristics of a memory unit are
durabilyty speed
compactness all of these
Answer :

156)Memory consisting of electronic circuits etched into silicon chips, is known as
semiconductor memory magnetic memory
thin film memory none of these
Answer :

157)Apart from computer memory, memory elements are used in
osccilator circuits timing circuit
sequencial circuit all of these
Answer :

158)A memory element consists
no stable state one stable state
more than one stable state less than one stable state
Answer :

159)A binary shift register containing four flip-flops and may have
4 states 8 states
16 states 32 states
Answer :

160)A ternary shift register would have
9 states 16 states
27 states 81 states
Answer :

161)A form of hardware interlock used in some system to control access to memory that is currently involved in a peripheral transfer is termed as
memory guard memory dump
memory surface none of these
Answer :

162)A device that stores q stable states is called
binary unary
q-array none of these
Answer :

163)A memory element is implemented using _____ properties of storage medium
magnetic optical
acoustic any of these
Answer :

164)In fast computer circuitry, the ________ is the most common type of memory element
transistor bipolar transistor
flip-flop none of these
Answer :

165)Lowest access time
Processor register --- row of MOS inverters Processor register ---- row of ECL flip-flops
Cache ---- bipolar RAM Floppy disc
Answer :

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