121)The enzyme that hydrolyses cane sugar to glucose and fructose is
zymase lipase
invertase diastase
Answer :

122)The compound used as an anti-malarial drug is
aspirin chloroquin
hydroquinone neoprene
Answer :

123)The first organic compound to be synthesised in the laboratory was
acetic acid urea
ethylene tartaric acid
Answer :

124)The acid that can be used as a hypnotic is
benzoic acid butanoic acid
tartaric acid barbituric acid
Answer :

125)The hottest part of the gas flame is known as the
dark zone blue zone
non-luminous zone luminous
Answer :

126)Artificially, gasoline is prepared by an industrial process known as
Fischer-Tropsch process Haber's process
Sabatier and Sendren's process Friedel-Crafts reaction
Answer :

127)Diesel oil is preferred for heavy motor vehicles because of
less consumption less damage to engine
higher efficiency and fuel economy higher industrial production from crude
Answer :

128)River water is harder than rain water because it
is exposed to the atmosphere contains salts of calcium and magnesium
is always flowing contains sodium chloride
Answer :

129)In the human body, the most abundant element is
carbon nitrogen
oxygen calcium
Answer :

130)The pH of human blood is around
3 6
7.5 12
Answer :

131)Persons in asbestos factories are affected by air pollution. The most affected part of their body is the
throat skin
ehy lungs
Answer :

132)The function of DNA in the body is
to help in the systhesis of proteins to help in the release of energy
to control heredity biogenesis of the mitochondria
Answer :

133)Turpentine oil is obtained from the wood of
Mycas Pinus
Gnetum Cedrus
Answer :

134)Enzymes are made up of
nucleic acids carbohydrates
amino acids fatty acids
Answer :

135)The nature of saliva is
basic neutral
amphoteric acidic
Answer :

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