76)The gas evolves during the fermentation of a sugar solution is
sulphur dioxide carbon dioxide
carbon monoxide methane
Answer :

77)The main compound formed during the fermentation of cane juice is
common salt glucose
ethyl alcohol chloroform
Answer :

78)The pH of an aqueous solution of acetic acid is 2. It would increase on the addition of
aqueous ammonia cane sugar
hydrochloric acid common salt
Answer :

79)Commercially the production of ammonia is important because it can be used in the
preparation of soaps manufacture of artificial foods
manufacture of proteins by polymerization production of fertilisers
Answer :

80)The element not present in fertilisars is
nitrogen chlorine
hydrogen phosphorus
Answer :

81)The raw material not found in nature is
petrol carbon dioxide
vinyl chloride water
Answer :

82)The natural substance from which energy can be harnessed, which is essentially made up of only one element is
water in dam petroleum
coal air
Answer :

83)The substance that can conduct electricity in its molten state is
sugar urea
glucose common salt
Answer :

84)Which statement does not apply to a gaseous substance?
If the temperature is increased, its molecules move more randomly its molecules are packed closely together in a regular arrangement
Its molecules collide with each other Its molecules collide with the walls of the container and exert pressure
Answer :

85)Water is not effective in extinguishing a fire caused by petrol because
water and petrol are immiscible with each other. Petrol forms the upper layer and continues to burn the flame is too hot for water to cool it down
water and petrol are miscible with each other water and petrol react chemically
Answer :

86)The substance that is not polymeric in nature is
starch glucose
polyvinyl chloride nylon
Answer :

87)The group of substances industrially prepared by electrolysis is
nitogen, oxygen, aluminium sugar, common salt, iron
caustic soda, chlorine, aluminium ethyl alcohol, chlorine, caustic soda
Answer :

88)The process that involves a chemical change is
mixing of petrol and ethyl alcohol dissolution of common salt in water
refining of petroleum by fractional distillation combustion of petrol in motor cars
Answer :

89)The gas that causes atmospheric pollution is
nitrogen neon
sulphur dioxide steam
Answer :

90)Diamond is made of the same single element as
graphite common salt
sugar chloroform
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