61)The element which forms largest number of compounds with hydrogen is
silicon carbon
oxygen boron
Answer :

62)The gas used in fire extinguishers is
carbon dioxide carbon monoxide
sulphur dioxide oxygen
Answer :

63)The gas that can be used as fuel is
oxygen nitrogen
methane flourine
Answer :

64)The gas whose aqueous solution is strongly acidic in nature is
phosphine hydrogen sulphide
ammonia sulphur dioxide
Answer :

65)The element silicon is present in
salt sand
coal limestone
Answer :

66)The industrial preparation of the metal aluminium from boxite involves the process of
fractional crystallisation electrolysis
fractional distillation reduction
Answer :

67)In natural gas, the compound present in major amounts is made up of hydrogen and
carbon sulphur
calcium nitrogen
Answer :

68)The manufacturing of iron from ore involves the process of
electrolysys fractional distillation
reduction chlorination
Answer :

69)The commercially useful property of both ethylene and styrene is their ability
hydrolysis polymerization
reduction oxidation
Answer :

70)The compound dissolved in water to give a solution of pH lower than seven is
ethanol sugar
vinegar common salt
Answer :

71)The substance whose aqueous solution would be a better conductor of electricity than water is
cane sugar ethyl alcohol
glucose common salt
Answer :

72)Pure alcohol can be obtained from wine by the process of
distillation oxidation
cracking reduction
Answer :

73)The gas which, on heating at high temperature under high pressure, transforms into a waxy solid is
hydrogen acetylene
ethylene chlorine
Answer :

74)The substance present in abundant amount in sea water is
sugar sand
calcium carbonate common salt
Answer :

75)The atomic number of an element is equal to the
relative atomic mass number of electrons in its outermost orbit
number of protons in its nucleus number of neutrons in its nucleus
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