376)As per Dulong and petit's law which one of the following is correct?
Atomic weight * Specific heat = 6.4 Atomic weight * Specific heat = 3.2
Atomic weight = Equivalent weight * Valency Atomic weight * Equivalent weight = 6.4
Answer :

377)Which one of the following is equivalent weight of carbonate ion?
15 20
30 45
Answer :

378)Which of the following emission responsible for increasing atomic number?
Beta particle Alpha emission
Proton emission Neutron emission
Answer :

379)Wchich of the following is unionised?
Alpha ray Beta ray
Cathod ray Gamma ray
Answer :

380)Excess of neutron in nuclear reactor is absorbed by-
heavy water cadmium
graphite hard water
Answer :

381)Isotope of which of the following elements is called radium of poor?
Iodine Cobalt
Nickel None of these
Answer :

382)Elements present on the right side of periodic table are -
inner transition elements transition element
non metal metal
Answer :

383)Oxygen belongs to -
s - block p - block
d - block f - block
Answer :

384)Which of the following element is metalloid ?
Al P
Si Ge
Answer :

385)Why vapour density of glycerine can not be determined by Vivtor Meyer's method?
It decomposes before its boiling point at normal pressure Its boiling point is higher than the boiling point of water
It is liquid at normal temperature and pressure Its density is higher than the density of water
Answer :

386)Which of the following is unit of radio activity?
Becquarel Curie
Rutherford Both (b) and (c)
Answer :

387)Basis of long form of periodic table is -
valancy atomic number
atomic weight reactivity
Answer :

388)Which of the following has the maximum oxidising power?
Iodine Chlorine
Fluorine Bromine
Answer :

389)Which of the following halogen element has the largest atomic size?
Iodine Chlorine
Bromine Fluorine
Answer :

390)Spot the strong resucing agent from the following?
Halogen Alkaline earth metal
Noble gases Alkali metal
Answer :

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