361)Number of electrons in the formation of bond of nitrogen molecule is-
8 6
4 2
Answer :

362)Covelent bond is formed by -
sharing electrons gaining electrons
losing electrons exchanging electrons
Answer :

363)Which one of the following is the donor atom in NH4Cl ?
H Cl
N It does not contained coordinate bond
Answer :

364)Coordinate bond found in -
NH3 NaCl
Answer :

365)The bond present in H2SO4 -
covelent bond ionic bond
ionic and covelent bond ionic, covelent and coordinate bond
Answer :

366)Bond present in KCl -
covelent bond electrovalent bond
coordinate bond ionic bond
Answer :

367)Molten NaCl can conduct electricity as it has
atom of sodium and chlorine free electrons
free ions free protons
Answer :

368)The law followed in 2CO + O2 → 2CO is-
Gay Lussac's law of gaseous volume Law of multiple proportions
Law of reciprocal proportion Law of definite proportion
Answer :

369)Which of the following is present in the crystal of ice?
Metallic bond Hydrogen bond
Ionic bond Covalent bond
Answer :

370)Find the electronic configuration of inert gas.
2, 7 2, 8, 3
2, 8 2, 6
Answer :

371)Spot the pair that follows the law of multiple proportion?
KOH and NaOH NaCl and KCl
H2O and H2S CO and CO2
Answer :

372)The standard of atomic weight is
Nitrogen - 14 Hydrogen - 1
Carbon - 12 Oxygen - 16
Answer :

373)Victor Meyer's method is applicable to determint the molecular weight of -
Non volatile substances Electrolyte
Volatile substances All of these
Answer :

374)In nuclear reactor the speed of neutron is slowed down by -
soft water heavy water
hard water zinc rod
Answer :

375)What is the molecular weight of a gas whose vapour density is 14?
7 14
28 56
Answer :

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