331)Ordinary glass is called
soda glass lime glass
soda - lime glass none of these
Answer :

332)Which one of the following is used for treatment of tuberculosis?
Streptomycin Chloramphenical
Penicillin Aspirin
Answer :

333)Bleeding stops when ferric chloride is applied because
the ferric chloride sealed the blood vessel the blood starts flowing in opposite direction
the blood is coagulated and the blood vessel is sealed blood reacts with ferric chloride and a solid forms that seals the blood vessel
Answer :

334)Which one of the following is the composition of stainless steel?
Ce + Ni + Cu Fe + Cr + Ni
Fe + C + Ni Fe + Cr + Cu
Answer :

335)Substance used for water purification
DDT Salt
Chlorine Saccharin
Answer :

336)Which one of the following is used as raw material for making nylon?
Ethylene Butadiene
adipic acid None of these
Answer :

337)Spot the non metal from the following?
Sodium Iron
Copper Sulphur
Answer :

338)Kerosene is a mixture of
alcohol alkanes
aliphatic acid aromatic compounds
Answer :

339)Which of the can scatter light?
Electroplating Electrodialysis
Colloidal solution Solution of electrolyte
Answer :

340)Find the metalloid from the following?
Cu As
Na Fe
Answer :

341)Tyndall effect can be shown by
glucose solution copper sulphate solution
salt solution starch solution
Answer :

342)Which of the following process is used for separation of salt and camphor?
Distillation Sublimation
Magnetization Condensation
Answer :

343)Fog is a colloidal solution of
liquid in gas gas in solid
solid in gas gas in liquid
Answer :

344)The property that is different in two isotope atoms of an element is
atomic weight atomic number
number of protons none of these
Answer :

345)Gamma rays are
low energy electron high energy positron
high energy electron high energy electromagnetic radiation
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