316)Water is good solvent as
it is in dilute form its molecules are highly polar
its boiling point is high it is in liquid form
Answer :

317)Oxygen and Ozone molecules are
isotopes isomers
isomorphous allotropes
Answer :

318)Which one of the following is the process of heavy water manufacturing?
Electrolysis of water containing 30% of NaOH Fractional distilation of water
Fractional diffusion of steam Fractional crystallization of ice
Answer :

319)Diamond and graphite are
allotropes isobars
isomers isotopes
Answer :

320)Which noble gas was discovered first of all?
Neon Helium
Xenon Argon
Answer :

321)Natural gas primarily composed of -
a mixture of octanes n-butane
methane n-octane
Answer :

322)Cinnabar is an ore of-
lead zinc
mercury copper
Answer :

323)Milk is example of
dialysis coagulation
suspension emulsion
Answer :

324)Safety match contains
red phosphorus white phosphorus
mixture of red and white phosphorus P4S8
Answer :

325)Soaps are prepared from
fats fats and acids
alkalis and acids fats and alkalis
Answer :

326)Which one of the following is Producer gas?
CO + N2 C + H4
CO3 + H CO2 + H2
Answer :

327)The coal varity that contains higher percentage of carbon is
Peat Lignite
Bituminous Anthracite
Answer :

328)18 carat gold contains
25% gold 75% gold
30% gold 60% gold
Answer :

329)Bakelite is
thermosetting elastomer
addition polymer thermoplastic
Answer :

330)Blue-black inks are made from
ferrous sulphate and a blue dye ferrous sulphate and H2SO4
ferrous sulphate, tannic acid and blue dye ferrous sulphate and tannic acid
Answer :

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