301)Which one of the following is not a chemical change?
Carbondioxide turning lime water milky Glowing of platinum wire in a non-luminous bunsen flame
Rusting of Iron Darkening of silver chloride in light
Answer :

302)Find the wrong statement
Mole is short form of molecule Atom is not indestructible
Mass of reactants and mass of product is equal The volume of one mole of gas at NTP is 22.4 litre
Answer :

303)Avogadro's number represents the number of atoms or molecules present in
1gm of substance 1 cc of gas at NTP
22.4 litre of gas at NTP 1 mole of substance
Answer :

304)Spot the wrong statement?
Paints are mixture Alloys are mixture
Petrol is a mixture Bleaching powder is a mixture
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305)Sugar can be separated from its aqueous solution by-
distilization crystallization
filtration boiling
Answer :

306)Which one of the following is a compound?
Gold Milk
Water coal
Answer :

307)Which one of the following represents water gas?
CO + N2 CO + H2
H2 + N2 CO2 + H2
Answer :

308)Allotropic forms of an element have
same chemical properties same physical properties
same chemical properties but different physical properties different chemical properties
Answer :

309)Normal atmospheric pressure is-
76mm 760mm
75mm 75cm
Answer :

310)Water is a compound because?
It contains two different elements and are joined by chemical bonds It contains oxygen and hydrogen
It exists in three different states The elements can not be separated by chemical process
Answer :

311)Chemical properties are periodic function of atomic number. This is true because of-
the chemical properties of an element depends upon the number of extra nuclear electrons this gives a clear indication that the number of extra nuclear electrons is equal to the number of protons in the nucleous of element
the atomic number is a whole number and makes the chemical calculation easier elements exist in several isotopic forms with different mass numbers and it is difficult to choose the suitable isotope
Answer :

312)Standard atmospheric temperature is-
200C 100C
50C 00C
Answer :

313)Which one of the following is the basic principle of Hydrogen bomb?
Nuclear fusion Nuclear Fission
Nuclear spliting Nuclear disintegration
Answer :

314)Radio activity was discovered by -
Rutherford Henry Becquarel
Madam Curie Pierre Curie
Answer :

315)The liquid used as coolent in nuclear reactors is-
Alcohol Ordinary water
Heavy water Hard water
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