286)Gas oil is the same as
engine oil diesel oil
mobile oil petrol
Answer :

287)Consider the following food materials
I. Cheese
II. Sugar
III. Vinegar
Out of the above three food materials, those provided by fermentation technology are
I and II II and III
I and III All of them
Answer :

288)Insulin controlls
level of sugar in the blood amount of iron in the blood
iodine level in the thyroid level of urea in the blood
Answer :

289)Chemically interferon is a
nucleic acid flourinated hydrocarbon
glycoprotein carbohydrate
Answer :

290)Interferons inhibit
fungi microbes
bacteria viruses
Answer :

291)Biotechnologically, interferon is produced by using
papain insulin
bacterial cells Backer's yeast
Answer :

292)The important hormones somatostatin and somatotropin are produced industrially by
gene sequescing recombinant DNA technology
condensation polymerisation solid phase synthesis
Answer :

293)The main feature which makes the enzymes popular in organic synthesis is their
stability specificity
complex nature easy availability
Answer :

294)The enzymes popularly used in organic synthesis are
microbial plant derived
animal derived synthetic
Answer :

295)Impure sodium carbonate obtained in the industrial process is called
washing soda lime
black ash baking soda
Answer :

296)A medicinally useful compound obtained from the oil of peppermints is
piperine menthol
thymol morphine
Answer :

297)Artificial silk is also called
decron fibre glass
nylon rayon
Answer :

298)Consider the following groups of compounds
I. Proteins
II. Interferons
III. Carbohydrates
Out of the above compounds, the classes of compounds that contain peptide linkages are
I and II I and III
II and III All of them
Answer :

299)Chemically, white sprit is
purified ethanol absolute ethyl alcohol
denatured alcohol a mixture of petroleum hydrocarbons
Answer :

300)The enzymes can be isolated from the following natural sources
I. Animals
II. Plants
III. Bacteria
IV. Fungi
For biotechnological operations, enzymes are obtained from
I and II II and III
II and IV III and IV
Answer :

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