271)The organic solvents produced by destructive distillation of wood are
I. acetone
II. methanol
III. ethanol
Out of the three solvents the chief ones are
I and II I, II and III
I and III II and III
Answer :

272)An example of semisynthetic penicillin is
amoxillin oxypuin
tetramycin ampicillin
Answer :

273)Chemically insulin is a
nucleoside peptide
oligosachharide carbohydrate
Answer :

274)Lipases are group of enzymes that may catalyse the class of reactions known as
I. hydrolysis of esters
II. hydrolysis of amides 
III. esterification
Out of the above reactions, the correct reactions are
All of them I and II
I and III II and III
Answer :

275)The precesses that can be used for making artificial enzymes may be
I. genetic engineering
II. systhesis of crown ethers
III. isolation of polypeptides from living systems
Out of the above processes, the correct processes for procuring artificial enzymes are
I and III I and II
II and III All of them
Answer :

276)Liquid hydrocarbons are converted to low molecular weight gaseous hydrocarbons by process known as
Cracking Reformation
Reduction Hydrogeneration
Answer :

277)Vat dyes
exist in two forms are fast
do not contain a chromophore require metal ions for fixing on fibre
Answer :

278)Aluminium perchlorate is used in
solid propellants liquid propellants
biliquid propellants hybrid propellants
Answer :

279)Alizarin is
mordant dye triphenylmethane dye
anthraquinone dye an antiseptic
Answer :

280)Chemically water is
a hydroxide an oxide
a hydride a peroxide
Answer :

281)The acid present in nucleic acids is
sulphuric acid nitric acid
carbonic acid phosphoric acid
Answer :

282)Consider the following types of compounds present in the living systems
I. Hormones
II. Enzymes
III. Lipids
Out of the above three the classes of compounds that perform key functional roles in living systems are
I and II I and III
II and III All of them
Answer :

283)The commonly used alcohol in the manufacture of detergents is
decanol ethanol
lauryl alcohol methyl alcohol
Answer :

284)A mixture of glucose and fructose mixed in equal proportions is called
brown sugar cane sugar
sucrose invert sugar
Answer :

285)Flint glass contains
lead chromate hydrofluoric acid
borax excess of sodium carbonate
Answer :

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