256)The dye FBA is used for dyeing
cotton wool
nylon terylene
Answer :

257)Indigo is a
basic dye acidic dye
ingrain dye vat dye
Answer :

258)Nitric acid (95%) can be obtained from its dilute solution by
distillation dehydration with magnesium nitrate
evaporation freezing out
Answer :

259)The conversion of sulphur dioxide into sulphur trioxide in the contract process is
irreversible reaction an endothermic reaction
an exothermic reaction a reduction reaction
Answer :

260)The synthetic drug is
aspirin morphine
reserpine digitalis
Answer :

261)The drugs known as vasodilators are used to treat
hypertension AIDS
cancer ulcers
Answer :

262)Heroin can be prepared by acetylation of
salicylic acid quinine
reserpine morphine
Answer :

263)Salbutamol is a drug used for curing
cancer migraine
diabetes asthma
Answer :

264)Ampicillin is used as an
anti-inflammatory agent antibiotic
antimalarial anti-cancer agent
Answer :

265)The most important cardiac stimulant is
digoxin paracetamol
penicillin cimetidine
Answer :

266)The most important fungicide against ptato blight is
thiram captan
maneb benomyl
Answer :

267)An example of a natural fungicide is
folpet carboxin
wyerone furalaxyl
Answer :

268)An example of plant growth regulator is
propachlor amitsole
paraquant indolylacetic acid
Answer :

269)The earliest known pesticide is
nicotine DDT
permethrin zeatin
Answer :

270)The other names of gammaxene are-
I. γ - BHC
II. Lindane
III. Aldrin
I and II are correct II and III are correct
I and III are correct all of them are correct
Answer :

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