241)Reserpine is used to
cure rickets alleviate pain
alleviate hypertension cure cancer
Answer :

242)The method that cannot be used for removing permanent hardness of water is
boiling distillation
adding caustic soda adding sodium carbonet
Answer :

243)The metal that finds use in electromagnet is
copper chromium
nickel soft iron
Answer :

244)Vitamin C is
citric acid ascorbic acid
acetic acid lactic acid
Answer :

245)The pair of metals used in the manufacturing of stainless steel are
copper and iron chromium and steel
iron and chromium zinc and iron
Answer :

246)The maximum number of particles would be found in 100ml aqueous solution of
0.4 mole MgBr2 1 mole of ehtyl alchohol
0.8 mole of KBr 0.5 mole of NaCl
Answer :

247)Ome gram-atom of iron is
111.6g of iron 55.8g of iron
1g of iron 55.8 amu
Answer :

248)The disease caused due to the lack of vitamin D in the diet is
Ricket Beri-Beri
Night blindness Scurvy
Answer :

249)The difference between isotopes of an element is due to the presence of a different number of
electrons protons
photons neutrons
Answer :

250)In order to lower the temperature below 0oC, the substance mixed with ice is
lime sodium chloride
sodium carbonate magnesium sulphate
Answer :

251)The drug against infectious disease is
sulphathiazole reserpine
insulin aspirin
Answer :

252)The urine sample of a diabetic patient contain
sucrose maltose
glucose lactose
Answer :

253)The material which can be deformed permanently by heat and pressure is called
thermoset thermoplastic
polymer chemical compound
Answer :

254)An example of a cross-linked polymer is
bakelite nylon
PVC polythene
Answer :

255)Photooxidation process is initiated by
catalyst oxygen
heat light
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