211)A dark-purple compound used as an antiseptic and disinfectant is
sodium thiosulphate potassium nitrate
patassium permanganate calcium phosphate
Answer :

212)Alloy steel containing chromium to resist rusting is known as
hard steel stainless steel
cast iron wrought iron
Answer :

213)The point at which the solid, liquid and gaseous forms of substance co-exist is called
melting point boiling point
triple point freezing point
Answer :

214)Pencil lead is made up of
graphite manganese dioxide
charcoal lampblack
Answer :

215)Antibodies is the name given to
substances formed in the blood that inhibit or destroy harmful bactirial attacks harmful bacteria
viruses that causes infection poisonous substances
Answer :

216)A medicinal substance given against the intake of poisons or to prevent a disease from having an effect is known as an
antigen antibody
antidote antibiotic
Answer :

217)The process of elemination of water from any system is called
reduction oxidation
evaporation dehydration
Answer :

218)Haemoglobin is
a compound that transmits signals to the brain the colouring of leaves of plants
a compound present in the heart the colouring matter of the red corpuscles in blood
Answer :

219)Riboflavin is a (an)
plant vitamin
antibiotic colouring matter
Answer :

220)The gas emitted by burning wood is mainly
carbon monoxide carbon dioxide
sulphur dioxide methane
Answer :

221)The substance that causes the worst air polution is
carbon dioxide sulphur dioxide
carbon monoxide smoke
Answer :

222)Petroleum is found in
sedimentary rock metamorphic rock
marshy land igneous rock
Answer :

223)The substance that contains the maximum amount of nitrogen is
urea ammonium nitrate
ammonium chloride ammonium sulphate
Answer :

224)The disease Beri-Beri is caused by the deficiency of
hormone iron
vitamin B iodine
Answer :

225)Sweat contains
phosphoric acid pure water
calcium phosphate and water water, salt and waste matter
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