196)The type of water which does not lather easily is called is called
hard water soft water
heavy water mineral water
Answer :

197)The gas used for inflating balloons is
oxygen helium
nitrogen hydrogen
Answer :

198)Inert gases are
not stable chemically very active
mixable in water chemically unreactive
Answer :

199)Indigo is used in the
perfumery industry dyeing industry
pharmaceutical industry food industry
Answer :

200)Linseed cake is used for
feeding cattle washing purpose
filling crackers feeding newborns
Answer :

201)The process of leaching involves
filtration evaporation
the removal of dark colours dissolving out a soluble compound
Answer :

202)The main use of magnesia is as a (an)
mild laxative painkiller
antibiotic antiseptic
Answer :

203)Denatured alcohol
is a very pure form of alcohol contains coloured impurities
is unfit for drinking as it contains poisonous substances is sweet to test
Answer :

204)Ehtyl alcohol is commonly made unfit for drinking by by the addition of
methyl alcohol chloroform
potassium chloride potassium cyanide
Answer :

205)Mordants are substances that
have the capacity of increasing the intensity of colour have a bleaching action
are very hard solids fix colours on fabrics
Answer :

206)The sugar unit present in DNA is
sucrose glucose
deoxyribose fructose
Answer :

207)Morphine is a drug under the classification
narcotics antimalarials
antiseptics antibiotics
Answer :

208)The poisonous substance that is the main constituent of tobacco is
aspirin morphine
nicotine reserpine
Answer :

209)The main active constituent of tea and coffee is
aspirin morphine
caffeine nicotine
Answer :

210)Containers for carrying strong acids are made of
brass copper
platinum lead
Answer :

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