181)A mixture of two or more metals is called
noble metal alloy
alkali metal amalgam
Answer :

182)A drug that prevent infection and decay is called a(an)
antiseptic germicide
analgesic antimalarial drug
Answer :

183)An antipyretic is a drug that
raises body temperature kills infection
is used in viral attacks lowers body temperature
Answer :

184)The process of seperation of compounds from mixtures into their individual form, is known as
filtration dissociation
purification analysis
Answer :

185)A chemical compound made from two elements is
ternary binary
bicarbonate amphoteric
Answer :

186)The branch of chemistry that deals with living systems is known as
biological chemistry physical chemistry
organic chemistry inorganic chemistry
Answer :

187)Boric acid is a (an)
mild antiseptic strong antiseptic
antibiotic germicide
Answer :

188)Anhydrous calcium chloride acts as a (an)
drug oxidant
mordant dehydrating agent
Answer :

189)Chemotherapy deals with
the use of chemicals in the food industry the use of chemicals in the warfare
the study ond use of chemicals in the cure of deseases industrial engineering
Answer :

190)Cholesterol is a
fatty alcohol found in animal fats chromium salt
type of chlorophyll derivative of chloroform
Answer :

191)DDT is the name of a chemical that can be used as as (an)
antibiotic fertilizer
antiseptic insecticide
Answer :

192)A substance that removes dirt and grease from surfaces is called
lubricant bleaching agent
detergent reducing agent
Answer :

193)The state of matter that takes the shape of the vessel in which it is stored is called
gas solid
fluid water
Answer :

194)A substance mixed with metals to promote fusion (melting) is called
fuel flux
calcinating agent fuse
Answer :

195)Gasoline is the name given to the same substance as
crude oil natural gas
diesel oil petrol
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