166)The most abundant source of iron is
eggs milk
beans green vegetables
Answer :

167)Emeralds are made up of
silica gold
berellium carbon
Answer :

168)In human systems, vitamins cannot
help in metabolising drugs help in growth
supply energy help in digestion
Answer :

169)Gasohol is prepared by mixing gasoline and
ethyl alcohol methyl alcohol
butane tetraethyl lead
Answer :

170)For instance energy, athletes take
vitamin c glucose
sucrose sodium chloride
Answer :

171)While sowing seeds, the fertilizer commonly used contains
potash calcium
nitrates phosphorus
Answer :

172)While cooking food, the compounds lost to the maximum extent are
vitamins proteins
fats carbohydrates
Answer :

173)In refrigerators, the liquid used as refrigerant is
supper cooled water liquid ammonia
liquid nitogen liquid carbon dioxide
Answer :

174)In the manufacturing of bread, the dough rises because of
the releasing action of carbon dioxide formed during the fermentation process the capillary action of water in the dough
the evaporation of water used in kneading the dough the action of heat in the baking process
Answer :

175)The substance present in good amounts in the sea and administered in certain deficiency diseases is
sodium chloride iron
fluorine iodine
Answer :

176)All acid essentially contain the element
nitrogen hydrogen
oxygen sulphur
Answer :

177)Excessive consumption of ethanol causes damage of
kidneys lungs
liver heart
Answer :

178)In oil wells, oil, water and gas are present in the ascending order of depth -
gas, oil, water oil, water, gas
water, gas, oil water, oil, gas
Answer :

179)The use of gypsum is recomended mainly in soils which are
saline alkaline
acidic water logged
Answer :

180)Drinking soda is
acidic in nature basic in nature
neutral an oxidising agent
Answer :

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