136)The bacteria responsible for nitrogen fixation is found in the roots of
neem trees grass
citrus plants leguminous plants
Answer :

137)The items amenable to detection by soft X-xrays are
narcotics contrabands
genuine coins from counterfeit coins lead in bullets
Answer :

138)The best material for casting footprint marks in sand is
sulphour paraffin wax
plaster of paris molten lead
Answer :

139)Old fingerprints on paper can be developed by
ninhydrin solution iodine fuming
silver nitrate solution universal gray powder
Answer :

140)Absolute alcohol is
95% proof 200% proof
100% proof rectified sprit
Answer :

141)The maximum concentration of alcohol that does not impair faculties of the human body is
2.3% 0.01%
0.9% 0.3%
Answer :

142)The particle that display dual nature of both waves and particle, are
electrons protons
neutrons mesons
Answer :

143)Anaemia occurs due to the lack of
iron calcium
potassium iodine
Answer :

144)The drug, reserpine, is used to
reduce high blood pressure reduce high palpitation
alleviate pain cure arthritis
Answer :

145)The best way of sterilising a hypodermic syringe for injecting medicine is by
boiling it in water keeping it in alcohol for some time
cleaning it with an alcohol-water mixture boiling it in water in pressure cooker
Answer :

146)The energy obtained per gram intake is highest from
proteins vitamins
hormones carbohydrates
Answer :

147)Which one of the following can not be used as insecticide?
malathion DDT
bleaching powder gammexane
Answer :

148)The main use of mica is in
petroleum refining electrical industry
steel industry glass and pottery industry
Answer :

149)For rural electrification and domestic cooking, the most appropriate and economical would be
electricity biogas
wind mills nuclear energy
Answer :

150)The substance coated on plastic taperecorder tapes is
iron oxide magnesium oxide
zinc oxide iron sulphate
Answer :

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