Read the following passage with numbered blanks then choose the correct word for each blank from the corresponding given alternatives-

Mobile banking (M banking) involves the use of a mobile phone or any other mobile device to ...1... financial transactions linked to a client's account. M banking is new in most counties and most mobile payment models even in developed countries, to date operate on a ...2... scale. A mobile network offers a ...3... available technology platform onto which other services can be provided at low cost with effective results. For example, M banking services which use ...4... such as SMS can be crried at a cost of less than one US sent per message. The low cost of using existing infrastructure makes such services more ...5... to use by customers with lower purchasing power and opens up access to services which did not reach them earlier due to ...6... cost of service delivery. Although M banking is one aspect in the wider ...7... of e-banking there are reasons to single it out for focus-especially because there are a lot more people with mobile phones that bank accounts in India.
M banking could provide a ...8... solution to bring more "unbanked" people to the financial mainstream. Without traditional credit, individuals are ...9... to exploitation by abusive lenders offering very high interest rates on short term loans. Also of considerable importance are public safety implication for the unbanked - they are often victims of crime because many operate on a cash only basis and end up carrying signaficant amounts of cash on their ...10... or store cash in their homes.

lure undertake
amass disburs
Answer :

substantial rapid
limited full
Answer :

securely tangible
readily unique
Answer :

deliveries process
channels connection
Answer :

exposed valuable
answerable amenable
Answer :

proportionate stable
high marginal
Answer :

purpose aspect
archive domain
Answer :

law abiding reassuring
tried cost effective
Answer :

immune inclined
vulnerable surrendered
Answer :

own person
self relatives
Answer :

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