Read the following passage with numbered blanks then choose the correct word for each blank from the corresponding given alternatives-

In the ... 1... of India's economic boom, indian Professional Service Firms (PSFs) from management consultancies and invenstment banks to advertising agencies and law firms are ... 2... to attract the best and the brightest talent. But to be truly successful they have to do more than that. Like PSFs around the world they need to ... 3... their professionals rather than see them walk out of the door in ... 4... of opportunities. To acheive that, companies often rely on the ... 5... of spawling campuses and luxurious facilities. But none of this gets to the ... 6... of the problem, which is when young professionals join PSFs they have expectations which go far ... 7... the nature of facilities. ... 8... on to do creative, thought provoking work, they often find themselves engaged in doing ... 9... activities. They feel under utilised, which is a formula for ... 10... in the long run.

midst depth
stage present
Answer :

partial competing
rivaling opposing
Answer :

restrain transition
retain advance
Answer :

search demand
direction obtaining
Answer :

perk control
reward allure
Answer :

key heart
solution occurrence
Answer :

to ahead
beyond away
Answer :

catching deciding
focusing keen
Answer :

mundane pivotal
optional allied
Answer :

failure innovation
success potential
Answer :

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