Choose the Correct Words

51)It was the help he got from his friends which ________ him through the tragedy.
Supported helped
parked boosted
Answer :

52)Anil got the company car for a _________ piece as he was the seniormost employee in the company
nominal discounted
fixed reduced
Answer :

53)His ________ og the topic was so good that students had few doubts to raise at the end.
picturization clarity
exposure exposition
Answer :

54)Beauty is to ugliness as adversity is to ___________
Happiness misery
prosperity cowardice
Answer :

55)Everybody in this universe is accountable to God ________ his action.
for about
by of
Answer :

56)I never miss cricket much. I ____________ fond of cricket since childhood.
have been has been
will be had been
Answer :

57)He ordered his servent ______________
if he could bring a glass of water to bring a glass of water
that bring a glass of water that he should bring a glass of water
Answer :

58)Though Hari is poor, __________ he is honest.
still yet
nevertheless but
Answer :

59)A determind effort will be needed to restrict the country's __________ social services.
renegate profigate
variegated expensive
Answer :

60)I am not concerned ___________ his __________that business
by; in with; for
with; in for; with
Answer :

61)He deals _____ foreign goods only, but our firm deals _____ several leding merchants who trade _______ a variety _____ goods.
in, in , with, of with, with, with, of
with, in, of with in, with, in of
Answer :

62)The controversy is likely to create _________ between the two communitys.
amity doubt
bitterness revenge
Answer :

63)She is much too ________ to have any thing to do with that obnixious affair.
proud noble
happy hasty
Answer :

64)His _______ in his family's position is great but he does not boast about it.
status pride
deceit presumption
Answer :

65)My finger is still ___________ where I caught it in the door yesterday.
sore injured
bruised wounded
Answer :

66)Non-violance is the law of saind as violance is the law of the _______.
brute ignorant
coward haughty
Answer :

67)We felt as if the ground were _________ beneath our feet.
sinking bursting
smashing slipping
Answer :

68)The task seemed impossible but somehow Ravi ________ very skilfully in the end.
pulled it away pulled it out
pulled it off pulled it up
Answer :

69)The enemy paid a large sum as _____________.
punishment restitution
compensation amends
Answer :

70)The unruly behaviour of the soldiers _________ their commander.
incensed tempered
aggrieved impeached
Answer :

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