121)A spore is
a reproductive unit of plants, bacteria and protozoa a common seaweed found in the tropical region
a pore in the human skin a commonly used medicine for cultivation of bacteria
Answer :

122)A plant or plant organ cell having half the number of chromosomes than a normal body cell is called
naplont haploid
aneuploid monosomic
Answer :

123)The sons of a colour blind woman is always colour bling but not daughter, suggests that
sex linked characters find immediate expression in man sex is determined by the mother
fewer sex chromosomes are transfrred to the daughter sex chromosomes are transfrred only from mother to son
Answer :

124)Who is known as the father of modern genetics?
Hargovnd Khorana Gregom Mendel
Darwin T. H. Morgan
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125)A colour blind man is married to a normal vision woman whose parents also had normal vision.. What is the chances that their children is likely to be colour blind
100 percent 0 percent
25 percent 50 percent
Answer :

126)Chromosomes that not related to sex-inheritance are called
centrosomes allosomes
mesosomes autosomes
Answer :

127)In human bings sex is determined by the sex chromosomes X and Y. What is the genetic constitution of a normal woman
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128)Ornanisms that have similar external appearance with respect to a particular character are called
phenocopies analogous
homologous phenotypes
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129)The person with blood group AB is sometimes called a universal receipient because of
lack of antibodies lack of both antigens and antibodies
lack of antigens presence of antibodies
Answer :

130)A person affected by Phenylketonuria is suffering from
kidney failure mental idiocy
liver failure sexual inferility
Answer :

131)Chiedren in the western countries who receive very little sun shine suffer from
beri-beri scarvy
rickets dermatitis
Answer :

132)People those consume poloshed rice as main cereal suffer from
dermatitis scarvy
beri-beri pellagra
Answer :

133)Which one of the following is medicine for typhoid
vitamin A chloromycetin
chloroquin vitamin K
Answer :

134)Enormous enlargement of certain parts of human body like leg, breast etc. caused by
the fungus Microsporum allergy
the tapeworm Taenia solium the nematoda Wuchereria bancrofti
Answer :

135)An increase in the leucocytes count to 500,000/ and above indicates
leukemia leucopaenia
aleukemia leucopoiesis
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