106)The cerebellum
consists the pons controls the cordination
controls the release of melatonon controls the vital function of respiration anf circulation
Answer :

107)The rate and force of heartbeat, the secretion of glands of alimentary tract and the contraction of involuntary muscles are controlled by
cranial nerves spinal nurves
central nurvous system automatic nurvous system
Answer :

108)Insufficient dietary iodine causes
a giant a cretin
an enlarged thyroid a small thyroid
Answer :

109)Fertilisation occurs normally in the
cervix vagina
fallopian tube uterus
Answer :

110)The most likely period in which a woman may conceive is
on the 14th day of menstrual cycle from the 7th day to 10th day of the menstrual cycle
from the 15th to 19th day of the menstrual cycle at any day in the menstrual cycle
Answer :

111)Monozygotic twins are
usually of the same sex never of the same sex
always of the same sex sometimes of the same sex
Answer :

112)Ovulation generally occurs
during menstruation just after menstruation
just before the menstruation midway of the menstruation cycle
Answer :

113)The possibility of fraternal twins occurs
subsequent to fertilisation at conception
at the fertilisation satge at zygotic stage
Answer :

114)The destruction of mucous membrane of the uterus and consequent bleeding that occurs periodically in women is
female strerility menstruation
menopause behavioural estrus
Answer :

115)When a child is born its blood
ceases to pass from one atrium to the another flow for the first time
carries wastes for the first time reverses its flow through the heart
Answer :

116)The average length of human pregnancy is
34-36 weeks 38-40 weeks
36-38 weeks 34-40 weeks
Answer :

117)In males, testes are contained in scrotal sacs because
other organs do not make sapce for testes in abdominal cavity a slightly lower suitable temperature is furnished by the scrotum and it does not hamper sperm formation
if let loose in the abdomen, would hamper the process of sperm maturation all of the above
Answer :

118)Encephalitis occurs when
a person suffers a stroke the meninges of brain become inflamed
there is excessive cerebrospinal fluid the basal ganglia are damaged
Answer :

119)After fertilisation, implantation usually occurs
after 4 days within 1-2 days
between 12 and 24 hours immediately
Answer :

120)The sex of a child is determined by the
blood group of father Rh factor of the parents
chromosomes of the father chromosomes of the mother
Answer :