61)Rh factor of blood refers to
a hormone in blood ratio of white to red blood corpuscles
ratio of red to white blood corpuscles a protein found in blood
Answer :

62)A person suffering from photophobia
can not withstand light can not adjust eyes for light
likes to sit in the sunlight does not see colours
Answer :

63)Who developed polio vaccine?
Jonas Salk Melvin Calvin
Linus Pauling Selman Waskman
Answer :

64)Who developed the theory of inheritance of acquired characters?
Darwin J. B Lamarck
Linus Pauling Gregor Mendel
Answer :

65)Which one of the following diseases is treated with 'Quinine'?
cholera yellow fever
malaria plague
Answer :

66)Which one of the following termed as power house of cell?
chloroplasts Mitochondrion
Goggi aparatus Nucleus
Answer :

67)The process of division of somatic cells of an organism is called?
Meiosis Cytokinesis
Mitosis Karyokinesis
Answer :

68)Binomial nomenclature refers to the______
Scientific naming of an organism consisting of two words Naming an animal/ plant twice
Two phases of in the life of an organism Two names, one scientific and the other local
Answer :

69)A herbarium is __________
A garden of collection of medicinal plant A collection of herbs in dry form
A centre of preservation of dried specimen of plants A garden of varied collection of plants
Answer :

70)A liverwrot is ______
A land plant without differentiation into root, leaves and stem An animal paeasite that affects liver
A bacteria that affects liver A plant with its leaves ahaped like human liver
Answer :

71)Which scientist is responsible for binimial nomenclature?
Hooker Darwin
Linnaeus Theophrastus
Answer :

72)Which one of the following shows a taxonomically closely related group?
sea hourse, sea anemone, sea urchin housefly, dragonfly, butterfly
earthworm, ringworm, tapeworm silverfish cuttlefish, starfish
Answer :

73)Ants are social animals because?
They live in colonies They share food
They have a language They live in forest
Answer :

74)A tissue is a _________
A medicine A kind of paper
A kind of cloth A group of similar cells
Answer :

75)Lucerne is a ______
Stem crop Foliage crop
Root crop Fungus
Answer :