345)Which of the following is not caused by air pollution ?
Pneumonia Chronic Bronchitis
Tuberculosis Asthma
Answer :

346) Which of the following organisms are employed as bio pesticides ?
Bacteria and fungi only Fungi and flowering plants only
Bacteria, fungi and flowering plants bacteria and flowering plants only
Answer :

347)Photosynthesis occurs in
Nucleus Mitochondria
Chloroplast Peroxisomes
Answer :

348)In metabolism enzyme acts as
Catalyst Promoter
Oxidant Reductant
Answer :

349)Red blood corpuscles are formed at
Small intestine Kidney
Bone marrow Liver
Answer :

350)Life of RBC in human Blood is of
30 days 15 hours
60 days 120 days
Answer :

351)Which component of plants recieve stimulus for flowering ?
Branches Roots
Leaves Stems
Answer :

352)All veins carry oxgenated blood except
Portal vein Subclavin vein
Hepatic vein Pulmonary vein
Answer :

353)Poision of honey bee is
Acidic Saltish
Protein Alkaline
Answer :

354)Leukaemia or blood cancer is characterized by abnormal increase of
Platelets Plasma
Answer :

355)Insects that can transmit disease to human are referred to as
Carriers incubators
reservoirs vectors
Answer :

356)What is the average speed of a bee?
10 Km / h 16 Km / h
5 Km / h 1 Km / h
Answer :

357)If we sprinkle common salt on aerthworm, it dies due to
Respiratory failure closure of pores on skin
toxic effect of salt osmotic shock
Answer :

358)Cutting and peeling of onions brings tears to the eyes because of the presence of
Amino acids Sulphur in the cell
Carbon in the cell Fats in the cell
Answer :

359)Whic one of the following organs breaks fat to produce cholesterol
Intestine Lungs
Liver Kidneys
Answer :

360)Which one of the following produce seeds but not flowers
Cashew nuts Coffee
Ground nuts Pine
Answer :

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