315)Ileum is a part of
pelvic gridle stomach
small intestine pectoral gridle
Answer :

316)Xenobiotics which are inherently resistant to microbial attack are called as
biodegredable all of the given options
persistent recalcitrant
Answer :

317)What are the harmful substance produced by microbes
antibiotics hormones
toxins pollutants
Answer :

318)EBOLA is a
protozoa virus
fungi bacteria
Answer :

319)Darwin finches refers to a group of
fishes birds
amphibians reptiles
Answer :

320)Golden rice has the highest quantity of vitamin ___
Answer :

321)BMD testing is done to diagnose
dengue osteoporosis
AIDS Malaria
Answer :

322)insectivorous fish is used for mosquito control is
Gambuisa Hilsa
Mystus Labeo
Answer :

323)Which of the following enzymes is found in saliva?
renin tyline
tenin resin
Answer :

324)Which of the following statement(s) are correct?
Glucose is broken down into glycerol. Glucose is converted into glycogen
Both (a) and (b) None of these
Answer :

325)Curd is sour because of the presence of
Citric acid Lactic acid
Acetic acid None of these
Answer :

326)In an accident, a person's brain was injured due to which he couldn't regulate his body temperature, hunger and water balance. Which one among the following parts of his brain was effected?
Cerebellum Medulla Oblongta
Hypothalamus Corpus callosum
Answer :

327)White blood cells act
as a source of energy as a defence against infection
for clotting blood as a medium of oxygen transport from lung to tissues
Answer :

328)what is fever?
inflammation of blood cells pain
inflammation of blood platelets inflammation of skin
Answer :

329)Which of the following is the largest monkey?
Spider monkey gorrilla
Baboon howler monkey
Answer :

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