٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و Multi choice question answers in general biology



285)Passengers os a flying aircraft suffer generally from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease due to the effect of
Ozone concentration Solar radiation
Particulate pollutant Nitrogen oxide
Answer :

286)Transcription is synthesis of
Protein Lipids
Answer :

287)The ideal food for a new born baby is
Honey Sugar
Milk Water
Answer :

288)Taxonomy deals with
Anatomy Classification
Morphology None of these
Answer :

289)Hydorchloric acid secreted by the cells lining the
Stomach Oral cavity
Ileum Colon
Answer :

290)What is Emulsification?
Digestion of fats Breaking down of fats
Storage of fats Absorption
Answer :

291)Match the following-
I. Fluoride		a) Silicosis
II. Arsenic		b) Fluorosis
III. Noise		c) Melanosis
IV. Dust		d) Presbycusis
I-a, II-b, III-c, IV-d I-b, II-c, III-d, IV-a
I-b, II-d, III-c, IV-a I-d, II-a, III-b, IV-c
Answer :

292)Which of the following kinds of organism(s) is/ are known as decomposer organism(s)?
Virus Bacteria
Fungi and Bacteria Virus and Bacteria
Answer :

293)Which of the following animals does not have lateral line sense organ?
Magur Catla
Labeo Sea horse
Answer :

294)How many pairs of ribs are there in the human body?
8 12
14 16
Answer :

295)Blood pressure may increase by the excessive secretion of
Estrol Estradiol
Thyroxin Testosterone
Answer :

296)What is an Agent?
The residue of an Antibody The opposite of Antibody
The result of Antibody The stimulus for Antibody formation
Answer :

297)Which part of human brain regulate swallowing and vomiting?
Cerebrum Cerebellum
Medulla Oblongata Pons varolii
Answer :

298)Conglobate gland (a leaf like structure) found in-
Male cockroach Female cockroach
Female Ascaris Male Ascaris
Answer :

299)The our skin of most of the crustaceans are made up of a carbohydrate. This carbohydrate is -
Starch Chitin
Galactose Cellulose
Answer :

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