270)Viruses are treated as-
Living materials Non living materials
Both living and non living materials cellulose
Answer :

271)Which of the following statement(s) is/ are correct
I. Viruses can be cultured in any synthetic medium
II. Viruses lack enzymes necessary for the generation of energy
III. Viruses are transmitted from one organism to another by biological vectors only
II and III I and II
I and III All of these
Answer :

272)The first scientist to use an instrument for biological studies in 1665 was
Charles Darwin Schleiden
Schwann Robert Hooke
Answer :

273)The longest bone in human body is
Ankle bone Thigh bone
Rib bone Spinal cord
Answer :

274)Number of teeth which develop two times in their life cycle of the human being is
10 12
16 20
Answer :

275)Which of the following statement(s) is/are correct about antibiotics?
I. They are effective against disease causing viruses
II. They are used to destroy disease causing bacteria
III. They can be applied to the skin, swallowed or injected to fight microorganisms inside the body
IV. The first antibiotic to be discovered was tetracycline
I only II and III
II, III and IV All of these
Answer :

276)Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry is used to measure-
Bone density Spread of solid tumour
Extent of brain haemorrhage Ulcerous growth in stomach
Answer :

277)Cancer is more common in older people because
The supply of certain hormones declines with age They have accumulated more mutations
Their immune system have degenerated Rheir bodies are unable to adjust to the changing environment
Answer :

278)The bones of the leg in the human body are
Solid Humerus
Hollow None of these
Answer :

279)The number of bones in human skull is -
34 16
8 6
Answer :

280)Which one of the following statement is correct regarding breathing in human?
During exhalation thorax cavity expands During inhalation diaphragm relaxes
Normal exhalation is an active process During inhalation intro-pleural pressure becomes more negative
Answer :

281)What would happen if human blood becomes acidic?
Oxygen carrying capacity of haemoglobin is decreased Oxygen carrying capacity of haemoglobin is increased
RBC count decreased RBC count increased
Answer :

282)Lungs are located in the
Petritonal cavity Pleural cavity
Petricardial cavity Abdominal cavity
Answer :

283)The viscosity of blood is due to
RBC and WBC in blood Sodium in serum
Proteins in blood Platelets in plasma
Answer :

284)In which part of the human body bone tibia is found
Mouth Skull
Hand Leg
Answer :

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