255)H1N1 is related to which of the following disease?
Bird flu Dengue
Swine flu AIDS
Answer :

256)Which of the following element is present in green pigment of leaf?
Iron Magnesium
Phosphorus Calcium
Answer :

257)Which of the following structure of a plant is responsible for transpiration?
Root Xylem
Bark Stomata
Answer :

258)Which of the following solution will not change the colour of blue litmus paper to red-
I. Base solution
II. Acid solution
III. common salt solution
I and II I and III
I, II and III None of these
Answer :

259)Which of the following does not possess a specialised conducting tissue for transporting water and other substances in plants?
Cycas Fern
Marchantia Marsilea
Answer :

260)The proper order of steps in the nutrition process is
Digestion-Absorption-Assimilation-Egestion Digestion-Assimilation-Absorption-Egestion
Assimilation-Absorption-Egestion-Digestion Absorption-Egestion-Digestion-Assimilation-
Answer :

261)Match the following-
I. Neutrophils		1) Oxygenetion
II. RBC				2) Immunity
III. Platelets		3) Mechanism of allergy
IV. Eosinophils		4) Clotting
I-2, II-1, III-4, IV-3 I-2, II-3,III-1, IV-4
I-4, II-1,III-2, IV-3 I-3, II-2,III-4, IV-1
Answer :

262)Deficincy of which of the following element(s) responsible for weaening of bones?
I. Phosphorus
II. Nitrogen
III. Carbon
IV. Calcium
I only IV only
I and IV III and IV
Answer :

263)Which of the following terms represent the space occupied by an organism and functional role of the organism in the community of the organism?
Ecological niche Home range
Ecotone Habitat
Answer :

264)Which of the following disease(s) can be transmitted from one person to another through tattooing?
I. Hepatitis B
II. Chikundunya
I only I and III
I and II None of these
Answer :

265)Nosocomial infection is
Acquired through nose of humans An endemic disease
Hospital acquired None of these
Answer :

266)Which of the following is/are mammal(s)?
I. Seahorse
II. Sea cow
III. Sea lion
II only I and II
I and III II and III
Answer :

267)Recombinant DMA technology allows genes to be transferred-
I. from animals to plants
II. from microorganisms to higher organisms
III. across different species of plants
I only II only
III only I and II
Answer :

268)Aflatoxins, produced due to improper handling and starage of cereal grains and oils seeds. Aflatoxins are produced by
Moulds Bacteria
Protozoa Viruses
Answer :

269)Which one of the following has three pairs of legs?
Spider Mite
Scorpion Bug
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