225)The dreaded human disease, syphilis, is caused by
fungus an animal parasite
a bacterium virus
Answer :

226)An anaerobic saecies of the bacterium Clostridium caused a very serious disease in human populations. Which of the following disease is it?
typhoid tuberculosis
botulism pneumonia
Answer :

227)Reserpine is used to
cure arthritis alleviate pain
increase blood pressure when it is low reduce high blood pressure
Answer :

228)Population refers to
all the animals, including man, living in a particular area individuals of a particular species living in an area
all the human beings living in a particular area all the organism, plants as well as animals, living in a particular area
Answer :

229)An ecosystem consists of
all the plants and animals of an area carnivores and herbivores of an area
producers, consumers, and decomposers in a particular locality a living community and its environment
Answer :

230)A praire is
a locality in Australia a grassland without trees
a kind of plant an area in South America on the side of river Amazon
Answer :

231)A biologist kept euglenas in various experimental conditions. In one of these, the euglenas lost their stigmas. This situation was

total darkness magnesium-free pond water
pH 7.5 constant temperature of 30oC
Answer :

232)It is said that the spiders of the Himalayas are native to the highest teritory - higher than any animal of earth. Spiders are carnivorous. Therefore they must thrive by
eating insects blown up the mountains by winds making daily firays to lower altitudes
becoming herbivorous adapting to the manufacture of organic materials from inorganic substances
Answer :

233)Taiga represents
the treeless ground bordering the Arctic ocean a genus of tiger facing extinction
a fossil of an extinct species of tiger coniferous forests
Answer :

234)In a very hot climate, one is likely to find
organisms capable of aestivation short-tailed deer
organisms capable of hibernation None of these
Answer :

235)Snakes and vultures are eating rats in a field,. If wild dogs are let into the field the immediate result will be a
decrease in the number of vultures decrease in the number of snakes
increase the number of snakes decrease in the number of rats
Answer :

236)Which of the following is a famous agricultural scientist who has been awarded a Noble peace prize?
Hargobind Khorana M S Swaminathan
S. Chandrasekhar Norman Borlaug
Answer :

237)In which part of India does saffron grow
Nilgiris hills Darjeeling
Jammu and Kashmir Madhya Pradesh
Answer :

238)Seeds can best be preserved in
hot and dry conditions hot and wet conditions
cool and wet conditions cool and dry conditions
Answer :

239)Tea plants thrive best in
alkaline soils with average rainfall above 150cm and temperature between 20-30oC alkaline soils with average rainfall above 150cm and temperature between 15-20oC
acidic soils with average rainfall above 150cm and temperature between 20-30oC None of these
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