210)Which of the following is a substance abundantly available in the sea and administered in a certain deficiency disease ?
Vitamin A Iron
Clourin Iodine
Answer :

211)The body loses a huse amount of water whena person suffers from severe diarrhoea. This acute water loss can be regained by
a slow and gradual intravenous administration of 0.1% glucose dissolved in sterile distilled water as a ready source of energy an intravenous drip comprising glucose and normal saline
a slow and gradual intravenous administration of of sterile distilled water an intravenous drip comprising sodium chloride, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, calcium chloride and glucose
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212)Following replacement of breast feeding by less nutritive food low in proteins and calories, infants below the age of one year suffer from
marasmus ricket
pellagra none of these
Answer :

213)Fat persons are less healthy and have a shorter life expectancy because
the high level of cholesterol in the blood interferes with the efficient working of the liver, heart and kidney and so there are greater chances of hypertension, cirrhosis and renal failure the more weight the body has to carry, the greater the strain on the heart and greater the chances of high blood presure and heart attacks
fat inhibits many important enzymes of energy-yielding reactions in the body accumulation of fat around the pericardial membrane interferes with the functional efficiency of the heart
Answer :

214)Ringworm is a disease caused by the
fungus that forms mycelia in the skin arbovirus making the hair fall out of the skin
hairy bristles of the caterpillar of a moth bacterial spores in the skin causing hair to fall out
Answer :

215)The disease that is caused by viral infection is
common cold typhoid
cholera tetanus
Answer :

216)Jaundice results from the malfunctioning of the
lungs stomach
liver kidney
Answer :

217)An increase in the number of leucocytes to 500000/ cu. mm and above indicates
leucopoiesis aleukemia
leucopaenia leukemia
Answer :

218)Trypansomes are transmitted from animal to animal or man by
bacilli spirochaetes
tsetse fly sand fly
Answer :

219)Syphilis is caused by
vibrio bacillus
spirochaete gonococcus
Answer :

220)Which of the following worms enters the intestine by penetrating the skin?
threadworm ringworm
tapeworm hookworm
Answer :

221)What is responsible for diptheria and influenza?
bacteria virus and bacteria respectively
bacteria nad virus respectively water pollution
Answer :

222)The first surgical transplant of the human heart was performed by
Christian Barnard Gerhard Hansen
William de Vries Joseph Lister
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223)Cancer is a deadly disease because it has the ugly potentials of
showing cells either very large or extremely small dissemination to vital organs
rapid growth to form a tumour having no resemblance to the normal cells of a tissue or organ
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224)In the event of a snake bite, a piece of cloth is tied tightly around the wound to
prevent the poison from circulating to the brain causing cerebral haemorrhage prevent the poison from mixing with pure blood
prevent the poison from spreading prevent the poison from returning to the heart
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