195)The liver
Helps in digesting food Purifies blood
Stores glucose and glucogen Promotes respiration
Answer :

196)The weight of an average human male brain is about
1350g 1450g
1250g 1150g
Answer :

197)Which one of the following is best source of vitamin A
Honey Orange
Apple Carrot
Answer :

198)The chick comes out ______ days after the egg is hatched.
7 14
21 28
Answer :

199)Vitamin C is also called
Ascorbic acid Citric acid
Niacin Folic acid
Answer :

200)Oncology is the study of
Diabetes Cancer
Cholera None of these
Answer :

201)Analgesics are used for
Pain Nervousness
Anxiety None of these
Answer :

202)Birth control pills contain synthetic
Vitamins Minerals
Sugars Hormones
Answer :

203)The function of haemoglobin in the human body is to
carry oxygen to various tissues help excretion
provide enzymes and hormones provide amino acid
Answer :

204)Deficiency of which one of the following causes diabetes
Sugar Iodine
Insulin Glygogen
Answer :

205)Municipal water is commonly treated with
Bleaching powder Alum
Potassium permanganates Chlorine gas
Answer :

206)Fastest growing tree is
Eucalyptus Teak
Mango Casuarina
Answer :

207)All biochemical reactions in a living organism come under
Metabolism Anabolism
Catabolism None of these
Answer :

208)Milk protein is known as
Pepsin Lactin
Caesin Albumin
Answer :

209)Human blood is
Acidic in nature Alkaline in nature
Neutral in nature None of these
Answer :

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