181)Sugar can be tested in Diabetic parient by
Barford's test Benedict's test
Denige Test None of these
Answer :

182)Pituitary gland in located at the base of
Brain Liver
Heart Eye
Answer :

183)Proteins are not found in
Eggs Meat
Pulses Rice
Answer :

184)The gland having endocrine as well as exocrine function is
Pancreas gland Pineal gland
Thyroid gland Pituitary gland
Answer :

185)Water passes from the soil into root hair by physical process is called-
Absorption Diffusion
Osmosis None of these
Answer :

186)The largest gland in the human body is
Lymph glands Liver
Pancreas None of these
Answer :

187)Deficiency of Vitamin C in human body causes
Scurvy Cancer
Beriberi None of these
Answer :

188)The organ of human body which is mainly damaged in hepatities is-
Spleen Lung
Kidney Liver
Answer :

189)Most food nutrients are absorbed into the blood from the
Large intestine Small intestine
Mouth None of these
Answer :

190)Plant growth can be improved with the help of
Hormones Proteins
Carbohydrates Vitamins
Answer :

191)Caries in the teeth is caused by
Lack of Vitamins Lack of Calcium
Viral effect Bacterial effect
Answer :

192)The principal organ concerned in the loss of heat from human body is
Heart Liver
Kidney Skin
Answer :

193)The smallest bone in the human body is
Finger bone Back bone
Stirrup bone None of these
Answer :

194)Edward Jenner is associated with discovery of
Streptomycine Anti polio vaccine
Small pox vaccine None of these
Answer :

195)The main function of white corpuscles in the body is
To protect the body against disease To help in blood cloting
To carry food None of these
Answer :

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