166)Secondary growth in plants refersto the
growth in length and development of new branches after the plants starts flowering formation of secondary tissues by the activity of lateral meristems
development of secondary organs after the plant attains maturity development of flowers and fruits
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167)Hydrophonics is concerned with
growing plants without water but with atmospheric moisture the treatment of water with sound
the conservation of water technique growing plant without soil
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168)Which of the following hormones controls fruit ripening?
ethylene ausins
zeatin gibberellic acid
Answer :

169)Seed dormancy can be broken by treating the seed with
acetic acid coumarin
gibberellic acid abscisic acid
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170)An observer claimed in the late 17th century that he can see inside the human spermatozoon a miniature figure of man- a "humunculua" - which would grow into a full sized man in due course of time. This was reffred to as the theory of
preformation heredity
pangenesis epigenesis
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171)The sex of a child is determined by the
chromosomes of the father Rh facttor of the parents
blood group of the father chromosomes of the mother
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172)The cell undergoing a reduction division is called
meiospore germ cell
oocyte meiocyte
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173)In which of the following is sex determined by environment?
maize papaya
honeybee bonnelia
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174)Hemophilia a human disease is caused by
fungal infection bacterial infection
viral infection mutant gene
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175)The disease sickle-cell anaemia is caused by
malarial infection poor hygiene
iron deficiency none of these
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176)A child was found to be perfectly normal at birth. A few years later however his parents noticed that his activities were sluggish. He was therefore taken to a doctor and diagnosed to be mentally retarded. What do you think he was suffering from?
epilepsy parkinson's disease
phenylketonuria alcaptonuria
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177)The fungus, puccinia graminis causes a serious plant disease. Which of the following crops is affected by it?
rice wheat
maize gram
Answer :

178)Lathyrism a human disease causing paralysis of the lower limbs is caused by
nervous failure viral infection
consumption of kesari dal bacterial infection
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179)Quinine the commonly used drug for malaria is obtained from a plant. Which part of the plant yields the drug?
stem bark fruit
leaves root
Answer :

180)A preparation of living of killed micro-organisms or viruses used in the prevention of disease through immunization is called
vaccine toxoid
viremia anti-toxin
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