151)Patients who excrete large quantities of sodium in the urine have-
erratic renal thresshold for Na+ deseased adrenal cortex
diseased adrenal medulla defective cells lining the villi of ileum that fail to reabsorb Na+
Answer :

152)The average gestation period of sheep is
150 days 280 days
365days 30days
Answer :

153)The movement of eggs from the ovaries to the uterus preceeds through the
vagina placenta
fallopin tube cortex
Answer :

154)Bull semen for the purpose of artificial insemination is stored in
liquid oxygen ice
liquid carbondioxide liquid nitrogen
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155)Every living individual born through sexual reproduction is single celled inits earliest history. This cell is called
zygospore zygote
gamete azygorpore
Answer :

156)Pollination by insects is called
entomophily anemophily
ornithophily hydrophily
Answer :

157)The fusion of a male gamete with an egg is called
triple fusion copulation
conjugation syngamy
Answer :

158)A true fruit develops from
ovary anthet
ovule carpel
Answer :

159)Which one of the following bear the smallest seeds?
sedges legumes
orchids grasses
Answer :

160)Which one of the folowing is a true fruit?
pineapple coconut
cashewnut apple
Answer :

161)Fruit development without fertilisation is called-
pathenocarpy apogamy
porogamy polycarpy
Answer :

162)When male and female flowers are borne on deifferent plants, the plant is called-
dioecious dichlamydeous
bisexual monoecious
Answer :

163)The dry fruit "chilgoza" is obtained from
cyprus pine
deodar cycas
Answer :

164)The pollen grains in the plants are produced in the
anther ovule
carpel ovary
Answer :

165)The age of a tree can be found by
analysis of its sap measuring its diameter
measuring its height counting the anual growth rings in a section of its stem
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