136)One of the ways by which Thar desert expansion can be checked is
through afforestration by digging canals
by construction water reservoirs through artificial rains
Answer :

137)Which one of the folowing is the usefulness of Ozone for the living being on earth
it maintains the temperature of the earth it maintains the nitrogen cycle of the earth
it protects living beings from ultraviolet rays of the sun it serves as the source of oxygen
Answer :

138 )Palaeontology is the study of
bones fossils
birds primates
Answer :

139)The lamarckian theory of organic evolution is usually known as the theory of
continuity of germplasm descent with change
natural selection inheritance of acquired characters
Answer :

140)An antibiotic is
a systhetic compound inhibiting the growth of bacteria a chemical compound synthesized by a living organism that inhibits the growth of other organisms
a compound synsthesized by a living organism that inhibits the growth of microbes a synthetic compound inhibiting the growth of other organisms
Answer :

141)Sharbati sonora is a
variety of wheat variety of rice
hybrid variety of maize hybrid variety of potato
Answer :

142)Average ration of white blood corpuscles to red blood corpuscles in an adult human is
1:1000 1:900
1:1300 1:700
Answer :

143) The smallest living cell is that of a
mycroplasma bread mold
bacterium virus
Answer :

144)Which of the plants feed upon insects for their nitrogen requirement?
hornwort spiderwort
bladderwrot liverwrot
Answer :

145)The outer surface of the lung is invested by
sero-mucous pleura visceral pleura
pulmonary pleura perietal pleura
Answer :

146)Which one of the following cell organelles is involved in respiration?
mitoochondria chloroplast
ribosome nucleus
Answer :

147)freshly passed urine has hardly any smell but when it is allowed to stand, it develops a strong ammoniacal odour due to
conversion of urea to ammonia by bacteria conversion of urea to ammonia via urea cycle
conversion of uric acid ,urea and creatinine to ammonia conversion of uric acid and urea to ammonia
Answer :

148)Where should we look for bacterium E. coli used for molecular genetic studies?
refuse dumps human intestine
soil stagnant water
Answer :

149)A bacterium divides itself every minute and filled a cup in one hour. How much time will it take to fill half the cup?
30 minutes 20 minutes
59 minutes 49 minutes
Answer :

150)Manopause usually occurs between
30-40 years 40-45 years
30-35 years 45-50 years
Answer :