Child Behaviour

121)One of your neibour young girl habitually kills small insects and tears off leaves and twigs of flower plant. What you will do?
Scold her every time she does so Tell her mother to punish her
Watch her and explain to her with affection the badness of her habit Mend her habit by beating her instantly she does so
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122)A child supposed to be Problem Child if he
often harms other students in the class does not speak his problems
speaks to much in the class does not participate in school activities
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123)The aggresive behaviour of a student can be set aside if
the student is neglected the cause of his aggressive behaviour is discovered
severe punishment is given to him the student is keept isolated
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124)For whom the Special Education is necessary?
Disable students Bright students
Naughty students Slow learners
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125)A student may get rid of his mis-behaviour, the best method is-
to hand over him to police or some aggressive person to criticize him continuously for his mis-behaviour
to educate him constantly to punish him severely
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126)A chid is considered to have specific learning disability if
he is uable to do correctly pronounced reading he is unable to organize the subject matter
Both (a) and (b) None of these
Answer :

127)Some students quietly run away from the school. How to check this?
By making the class teaching more interesting By informing the parent
By knowing the reason of running away and addressing it By informing the Principal
Answer :

128)Which of the following is the problem of a learning disabled child?
Figure-Ground differentiation Symbol recognition, visual abstruction and auditory association
Left-Right orientation All of these
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129)Which of the following negative trait is found in gifted children?
Attentive to instruction of low standard Happy-go-luck by nature
Their self respect feeling is so high Restlessness and disturbing if their thirst for knowledge is not satisfied
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130)Which of the following characteristics is not found in mongoloid or slow learners?
They are poor in taking initiatives Their IQ level in the range of 20-30
They are obstinate but simple in behaviour They are humble and friendly
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131)What is ADHD in respect of child behaviour?
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Attraction Danger Hyperaction Disorder
Attraction Deficincy Hyperaction Disorder Attention Deficincy Hyper-reaction Disorder
Answer :

132)Which of the following is not a characteristics of ADHD?
The child feels restlessness and fidgeting constantly The child keeps working a task until it is completed
The has difficulty to understand what he is taught All of these
Answer :

133)Incidence of mental retardation reaches its peak at about-
20 to 25 years 18 to 25 years
14 to 18 years 25 to 30 years
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134)What a teacher should do to promote positive behaviour in the students?
By focusing on the positive behaviour of the students By giving clear instructions about what is required for them
By developing clear and simple classroom rules All of these
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135)Maladjustment and frustration are developd in children when -
their needs are ignored they are not sent to school
they are not able to pass the exams their parents give more love and affection then they deserve
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