Teaching learning and the school

106)Which of the following should be the duty of a teacher towards his students?
Students should pass in the exams Students should give attendence in the class
Students should improve themselves academically, morally and culturally Students should attend the class
Answer :

107)In order to be expert and efficient teacher a teacher should -
continue writing on his subject take part in school his school's symposia
study new books of his subjects do all of these
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108)If students ask questions in the class, what a teacher should do?
He should ask them to ask questions after the teaching period He should encourage them to ask questions and answes all questions clearly
He should scold them and ask them to sit down He should tell the the importance of questioning
Answer :

109)Who is ideal teacher?
The one who is perfect in teaching The one who is academically superior, morally the best and produces enlightened students
The one who gives good results The one who is popular among the students
Answer :

110)A teacher's job is to teach efficiently and also to find if-
the students are sitting properly the students are dressed properly
the students are listening silently to him students are understanding what he is teaching
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111)Good education is helpful in
making the person a scholar increasing the prestige of the person
making the person self dependent man's attempt for earning his livelihood
Answer :

112)After finishing a lesson, the important thing on the part of a teacher is to
summarise the main points of the lesson advise the students to learn the lesson by heart
thank the students start the next lesson
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113)Which of the following is true about a teacher with negative attitude?
He is friendly and fun loving He is ambitious and confident
He is honest and responsible He gives more stress on rote learning than on practical learning
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114)Which one of the following is not characteristic of teaching profession?
It has its standards which is to be followed by its members It does not have in-service growth
This profession involves intelectual activities which are performed by its members It is a noble profession
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115)Which of the following may help to develop honesty among the students?
Honest students should be rewarded Dishonest students should be punished severely
the importance of honesty should be explained broadly the example of success story of honest people should be told to the students
Answer :

116)The success of a profession depends on-
labour and honesty maintaining contact with the related persons
the policy of keeping the people pleased keeping the merits of the profession alive
Answer :

117)Which of the following statement is not true?
A teachers with positive attitude thinks himself superior A teacher must have command over his subject
Good education helps a man in mental development The success of any teaching learning programme depends on the teachers
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118)Which one of the following is the component of an effective teacher?
Focus on the students Co-operation with the collegues
Knowledge of the content All of these
Answer :

119)Which one is the most important method for the integrated development of highly intelligent students?
to make them feel that success is obtained by regularity and practice to allow them to attend or remain absent from the class as per their desire
to give them maximum oppurtunity for the work related to their interest to compel them to work very hard
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120)The educational guidance in the school is to
get vocational guidance help the students to select their subjects of study
help in the change in the syllabus help the teachers to select their students
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