Teaching Learning in School

91)Suitable comment on present (2020s) education system -
It has more limitations and less advantages It is correct education system
It needs immediate improvements It is neither good nor bad
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92)What is the necessity of public examination system?
It promotes teaching-learning mechanism Teachers are not tustworthy
It is good for comparison It is has greater acceptability
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93)The 2020s education system promotes educated unemployment. The reason is that
it gives theoritical knowledge only objective of the system is not as per need
professional education is not a part of the system all of these
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94)The National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) is
an autonomous body under the societies Registration Act an indipenndent body but answerable to the government
a statutory body None of these
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95)Which one of the following organizations is responsible for the spread of university education, co-ordination and maintenance the standards of education in universities?
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96)Integrated education for disabled children means-
disabled children should study in special school disable children should study in normal school
only special teacher to teach disable children disable children children to study in special school as well as normal school
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97)According to census 2001, the most and least literate states of india are-
Mizoram, Uttar Pradesh Rajasthan, Bihar
Kerala, Bihar Karnaraka, Bihar
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98)Open school system prescribes -
curriculum relevant to the needs of the students to be completed at their own pace unlimited time to complete the curriculum
curriculum relevant to the needs of the students to be completed in fixed time curriculum same as normal school and same condition to complete
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99)Before 1976 the subject of education was included in
State list Concurrent list
Union list None of these
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100)In which of the following exams private candidates are not allowed?
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101)Which of the following was recomended as an advisory body for higher education by Yashwant's Committee?
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102)The power of accreditation for higher education is overseen by-
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103)What does NCHER stands for?
National Council for Higher Education and Research National Committee for Higher Education and Research
National Commission for Higher Education and Research National Co-operation for Higher Education and Research
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104)Which one of the following organization prescribes minimum standard of education in Indian system of medicine?
MCI None of these
Answer :

105)The establishment of IIMs was envisioned and initiated by
Mahatma Gandhi Smt. Indira Gandhi
Pt Jawaharlal Nehru Lal Bahadur Sastri
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