Teaching Learning in School

76)Why is Advisory Committee necessary in school?
It works in the in the interest of students School work runs properly due to this
It helps the Principal in his works It looks after all of these
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77)Who should be authorised to deal with Adult Education?
Government Non-Government Committee
Both Government and Prive committees Those who are getting this education
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78)Why is curriculum necessary in school?
The teacher does his work outside the class properly by this The class education is controlled by this
The total work of the school runs properly by this Curriculum does all of these
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79)The aim of guidance service in education and job seeking is
To select the job as per the merit of the person To impart education that fits the person
To solve the problems that a person face in education and job To make the person able to take the decision himself
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80)In the formation of curriculum what is mainly taken care of?
Students Educational method
Subject matters Aims of education
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81)After which period the Educational Commission should be appointed?
Whenever necessity felt Every year
After 10 years After 5 years
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82)Why it is necessary to set up Educational Commission?
Changes in the education take place Needs of the society change
New curriculum required to fit the current situations To consider all of these
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83)What is the theoritical basis of Montessory Educational system?
The child gets inspiration from the teachers The child gets the freedom to express his/ her teste or orientation
The child gets the freedom to choose his/ her own game Game assist the child in education
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84)What is the necessity of moral education in the academic syllabi?
It assists the students in developing his/her character It is an additional burden for the students
It is the demand of the time All of these
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85)What is the main reason that the present education system producing unemployment?
It is ony knowledge based It based on old policy defined by Lord Mc caulay
The education is not vocational oriented All of these
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86)As per your opinion which one of the following is important for bringing improvement in education?
Creating an atmosphere for teaching and learning Putting pressure the government
Ensuring the maintenance of interest of parents in education Advertising heavily through newspaper
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87)Special education is related to -
education for talented students education for disable children
edocation for adults education for teachers
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88)The major objective of education is
making students followers of teachers making students discipline
developing the inherent power of the students reforming the society
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89)The Navadaya Vidyalaya have been established under the aegis of National education policy -
so that students with good abilities and hailing from villages and cities can study in these schools so that students hailing from villages and cities can study in this schools
so that students from villages can study in these schools for education urban students
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90)What type of education should be imparted to learners?
Education should be such that it makes the students able to fulfill the need of the nation and earn their living after being educated Should be religious oriented
Should be technical oriented Should be military oriented
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