Teaching Aptitude

61)For the change in the behaviour of the children, the most effective method is
affectionate advice reward
punishment expulsion from house
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62)The reason for the prevalence of dogmas and immoral customs in the society is
poverty caste system and difference in class
lack of of awarness and illiteracy religious fundamentalism
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63)Which one of the following describes professional ethics of a teacher?
Members of the profession are free to do what they want The authority enforces discipline on the members of the profession
It is the same thing as the code of conduct It has to be self regulating and self imposed
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64)Which one of the following should be the attitude of a teacher towards to other activities of the school?
Passive Positive
Negative Indifferent
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65)Education not only conserves the culture of a nation but also it
makes the culture popular and mass oriente enriches the culture
defines the culture makes it spritual
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66)Adult education is organized for which of the following group?
15 - 35 18 - 40
21 - 45 17 - 35
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67)As a teacher when you see that children are fighting on the road, what will you do?
Ignore the sitution and move away Tell the people to resolve the issue
Pacify them by giving advice Tell them to run away
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68)While teaching in the class a should position himself -
at the middle of the class away from the door
very close to the writing board in front of the students
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69)Which one of the following will happen if the answer booklet is evaluated by other teacher than the teacher who teaches?
Students will get less marks Students will know actual knowledge level
Students will develop more confidence Students will not be given unjust and partial treatement
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70)Which one of the following is the probable reason that make academically bright students mischievious?
They feel that they are ignored in the class They know everything that has been taught, as a result, they have a feeling of boredom in the class
They do not have any challanges before them in the class All of these
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71)Which one of the following may be the probable reason of indiscipline in the class?
The is unable to make the class interesting Number of students is more than the norm
Enough work is not given to the students to keep them occupied There is not enough facility for the students to play
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72)Which one of the following a teacher should do to develop the virtue of compassion in the students?
Arrange academic activities related to compassion Tell them about the its importance
Give examples about compassion Show them the behaviour of kind persons
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73)Which one of the following is the solution to prevent the abnormal population growth of a country?
Promotion of the workers in govt. sector should be considered only if they accept family planning To make people conscious of small family, its advantages.Attractive programmes through public communication media should be displayed to make people aware
A campaign for the forced operation to the people under the family planning should be started None of these
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74)The Constitution was ammended to bring education under the concurrent list in the year of -
1950 1972
1976 1985
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75)The principle of revision is
to make the subject easier to make the gained knowledge permanent in the minds of the students
to make homework easier remembering information by heart
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