Teaching Aptitude

46)Which relation between a teacher and a student do you think to be the good one?
Like friends Like master and servant
Like father and son Like seller and buyer
Answer :

47)A successful teacher is he
who recreates his students in the class sufficiently who has deep knowledge of his subject
whose discipline is very rigid whose expression is effective
Answer :

48)Which of the following Act ensures that the code of professional Ethics be evolved and adopted by the teaching community?
Right of children to free and compulsory Education Act, 2009 Right to Education Act 2002
Both (a) and (b) None of these
Answer :

49)The most essential quality of a teacher is
social service knowledge of his subject
hard work immense love for his student
Answer :

50)You want to adopt the teaching profession because
there are many others in your family who are teachers there is no other option to earn a livelihood
children give more respect and revence you get an oppurtinity to handle/ train the future citizens of the nation
Answer :

51)A teacher must be a man of good conduct as
teacher is a nation builder teacher is worthy of being imitated by students
people respect him to make his teaching effective
Answer :

52)Students pay respect to the teacher who
teaches in the right manner is very healthy and handsome
has several degrees as qualification teaches the students much
Answer :

53)The basis of reservation according to you should be
caste religion
poverty gender
Answer :

54)Only a teacher can take the society to the path of progress as he
is dedicated towards the sociey is also a social creature
can show the right path to the future cityzens of the nation thinks less about himself and more about the society
Answer :

55)Some students generally arrive late in the school. They give an alibi that their bus is late. What would you do in such a situation?
You would tell them that you would not accept the alibi of late coming of the bus You would advise them to catch that bus which starts earlier
You would ignore them You would punish them
Answer :

56)Education can be best described as
the process of flowering the innocent minds the process of indoctrinating the religious dogmas, among students
the emotional development of students the intellectual development of students
Answer :

57)The most appropriate attitude towards the society is
to have relation with some people only to have relation with all people in general
to have special relation with pleople to have relation only with one's own reliable people
Answer :

58)The best method to inspire students for hard labour is
one should himself do hard labour seeing which students will be inspired spontaneously laborious students should be rewarded
a lecture about the importance of hard labour be delivered the example of success through hard labour be presented
Answer :

59)Freedom in education means
the spirit of opposing the rules of the school regularly the students will do anything they want
one's own growth freely and the recognition of others freedom to grow similarly teachers are free to teach as they think
Answer :

60)Which one of the following is the duty of a class teacher?
Check the books, exercise books, satchels of the students suddenly Check the lunch boxes of the students and advise them to take healthy food
Check cleanliness of the class All of these
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