Teaching Aptitude

31)By which of the following the discovery method of teaching is exaplified?
Rote learning Audio-video lesson
Independent study project None of these
Answer :

32)Students those do not need visual needs are
General level Lower level
High level None of the
Answer :

33)Various types of teaching help the students to
get the benefit to maximum limit understand the lesson better
make the lesson interesting All of these
Answer :

34)The best method of learning is
Lecture and doing method Demonstration method
Lecture method None of these
Answer :

35)Students will not pay attention in the class till the time
the writing board is not used curiosity is not developed in the minds of the students
students not asked question discipline is maintained in the class
Answer :

36)The element that makes a class interesting is
Personality of the teacher Lesson plan
Study material Teaching method
Answer :

37)Which of the following a teacher must be able to
gain respect of the students make ths subject interesting
teach the students as per their desire teach the students as per their need
Answer :

38)Different experiments are done in teaching because
teaching becomes easy students pay attention in the class
teaching becomes interesting All of these
Answer :

39)When a teacher should present a video clip in the class?
During explaining the content After explaining the content
Before explaining content None of these
Answer :

40)Which one of the following is true in project based teaching?
Load on the teacher is very high Load on the teacher is very low
Load on the teacher is moderate No load at all
Answer :

41)By which of the following the conceptual problems can be best described?
Through video cliping Through audio cliping
By lecture method Through audio and video cliping
Answer :

42)Knowledge of internet
is harmful for the students is beneficial for the students
makes students dependable and they lose their own ability is not al all beneficial for the students
Answer :

43)Which of the following devices is suitable for classroom audio-visual?
TV Digital projector
Cinema Film strip projector
Answer :

44)When you are told to accomadate one mentally retared child in your class, you will-
refuse to do so request the principal to put the child in the section ment for such child
ignor such child in the class learn the methods to teach such students and accept the child
Answer :

45)Which one of the following is the characteristic of project based teaching?
It is non psychological It is theoritical
Does not give freedom to the students to work It includes the physical and mental activity for the student
Answer :

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